Why she’s my bff

Tonight I spent over three hours on the phone with my best friend. She’s been my ride or die since I was three, we are now twenty four. But enough background on that, here are some reasons why.

1. She initiated and closed the deal on a booty call while on the phone with me. 

2. She pooped while on the phone with me. 

3. She kept me company while I bought light bulbs, went grocery shopping, and got dinner. 

4. She put up with me ignoring her while I attempted to catch a Jynx on Pokemon go (fact: it got away after wasting 5 balls)

5. She let me call her ugly (even though she’s a solid 13/10 on a bad day). 

6. She didn’t call me a complete moron when I casually dropped that I’ve talked to my ex somewhat recently. 

7. She gave me great dating advice (it was, if you only have time for one thing, brushing your teeth or shaving your legs before a date always pick brushing your teeth). 

8. She talked to me for over three hours, and I feel like half the time we weren’t even talking but she didn’t hang up. 

9. She lets me send her all my tinder matches and confirms whether he’s cute or not (some pictures are deceiving). 

Reasons why she’s not my best friend

1. She wouldn’t let me just stay on the phone while she hooked up with this guy. 

Honestly I kind of get that one but still… 


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