Forever an Instigator

Okay. So the forbidden fruit. Quote unquote. 

Hypothetically lets say there is someone who you know you shouldn’t date. Whether it’s a good friends ex, or a sibling of your BFF or a coworker, or hey, maybe it’s someone in a relationship (I’m not here to judge, you can judge yourself) the forbidden fruit is always so tempting. 

Is the risk worth the reward? Is it something worth taking a risk for? 

I think it’s dependant on each situation and you really need to make your own choices. For me, there’s a sweet apple on a table. And I kind of want it. I know I shouldn’t. I know it could be bad for me. And honestly for him too. 

Someone from my past reached out to me. And I’m not going to say anything else about how I know him, but we chatted for a bit and to me, there seemed to be some sexual tension in the chat. So I asked my girlfriend to decipher. 

I’ve put the initial flirting on him. He started it. But she pointed out to me that I may have instigated it too. I said I just looped back to the topic. Which okay, I did do that. But I wanted to see if he was serious. It sounds like he was. 

I’m also horrible at reading people. Maybe I’m misreading the tone, because text is impossible to convey tone. So do I go with no intentions of it being anything but catching up with a friend? Or do I tell him I can’t due to the forbiddenness of the situation, and then be really uncomfortable when he says it wasn’t like that? Part of me wants to say don’t go because I know it could impact both of us negatively, however, he said he wants to take me to a high end steak house … and the girls gotta eat.


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