I’m *almost* sleeping with someone

Okay guys. I’m torn right now. 

For anyone who’s been following my antics you know that I’m just establishing myself in a new city as a single, decently average looking lady. And I’ve been spending minimal time using some dating apps (seriously, I jump on maybe once a week) swiping some cuties. And I matched with this one guy. 

He’s nice. And intelligent. And cute. And I think he has a lot of money (which never hurts). But he also dabbles with hard drugs. 

Now. I’m not looking for a husband. Or a baby daddy or any of that shit. I’m not here to tell anyone how to live their lives, especially someone I barely know. But it honestly terrifies me.

It’s not something I’ve been exposed to. And he does it maybe once a month (or so he says). So here’s my struggle: as some one who has never dabbled in that way, and someone who does not support that habit, can I continue to have a potential hook-up situation with this guy? It would never be more based on that fact alone. But am I okay with it enough to still get what I need from him? I told him I don’t want to be around while he’s on stuff or when he does it and I don’t think that’s asking too much. 

Here’s the other thing; I think he may be looking for something more. Last night he told me I’m his dream girl. And then he asked me if I would ever consider moving to the states. I’m not saying he’s in love with me, he hardly knows me, but can I in good health go into this with a straight mind knowing for me it’s nothing more because of his habits? Or is it going to complicate things in the long run?


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